A new clear & practical guide to the philosophy and practice of yoga...

Yoga philosophy can often come across as abstract and impenetrable. This book changes that!

Radically Simple Yoga focuses on several key themes in yoga philosophy and on our inner attitude to practice and offers an approach to yoga that is deeply empowering and relevant for our lives as a whole. Radically Simple Yoga presents age-old wisdom in the language of our times and in a way that resonates with our experience of yoga on our mats. 

Radically Simple Yoga takes the reader on a journey through: the Yoga Sutras and disentangling ourselves from patterns; the Bhagavad Gita and the art of the warrior; ancient myth and modern science; and individual agency in the face of the shifts and challenges of the world we live in.

The core thrust of the book is that it is how we practice our yoga that makes it yoga rather than the specific form our practice takes or our reason for practicing. Each chapter ends with an attitude prop to support the practitioner in exploring and developing the right inner posture to yoga on and off their mat. 

Radically Simple Yoga comes highly recommended for both new and experienced practitioners of all styles of yoga.


Radically Simple Yoga cuts to the heart of how to practice in a way that is clear and practical. Refreshingly free of dogma and the confines of tradition it is an invaluable resource for any yoga practitioner looking to become more fully embodied.
— Naomi Seager, Pranastar Yoga

David has picked the key elements of yoga philosophy and presents them in a clear and unassuming way that is most useful for both new and seasoned practitioners of all styles of yoga. Recommended for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of yoga on their mats and is ready to take it off the mat and into their lives.
— Patrick Vermeulen, Svaha Yoga

Radically Simple Yoga is a different and very welcome sort of yoga book. Rather than giving answers, this book invites the reader to engage, through the maps and tools given and the understandable approach to yoga philosophy, in their own exploration of yoga.
— Esther Ekhart, EkhartYoga