When we focus our attention on our inner approach to yoga we empower our practice and our selves in ways that serve the shifting of our times: a shifting away from a worldview of separation and towards one of connection. Radically Simple Yoga explores how our yoga grows our individual and communal agency - our ability to act and to have effect - from the perspective of connection. It explores how yoga does this in a way that works from the inside out and manifests unrestricted by the imposition of external codes.  

This book presents nothing new: yoga has always in essence been an inner practice, and the heart of yoga has always been connection and, through connection, empowerment. With yoga’s explosion in popularity over the past few decades, and in particular the focus on yoga for well-being and relaxation, our attention has been drawn to methods for the physical postures. As more and more of us wake up to the power and potential of yoga it will be our inner approach to practice, and the connection with our inner source of peace, joy and love, and of strength, purpose and creativity, that supports us as we learn and grow as individuals and as communities.