This book presents an approach to yoga that is both radical and simple. It goes to the root of the messages underlying the two most widely acclaimed yoga texts, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Bhagavad Gita, and frames these within the context of the shifts and challenges of our modern world. Radically Simple Yoga presents old wisdom in the language of our times for the practice of yoga on our mats and for taking our yoga off our mats and into our worlds. 

Radically Simple Yoga steps back from, and cuts through, the differences of tradition and style to the essence of our approach to yoga practice. It moves beyond the interests of competing yoga traditions old and new and those from the East and from the West; traditions that often both simplify yoga into a commodity and make yoga appear more complicated than it is. This book focuses our attention on an inner approach to practice that is applicable within all traditions and styles.

Radically Simple Yoga explores how our inner approach to practice can support us in growing connection. It explores how our inner approach to practice supports us in moving first beyond the illusions of separation we experience on the inside and then those we experience between inside and outside. This book expands on the radically simple message of yoga is that all is connected and that it is above all our inner approach to practice that empowers us to realize and to act from wholeness.