Radically Simple Yoga offers seven inner props - or attitude skills - for making our inner approach to yoga real. The props are introduced at the end of the first section of each chapter and the final section of each chapter explores the prop in the context of our mat-based practice and our lives off the mat. Whilst we will explore these one by one, these props are much more akin to virtuous circle, a mutually reinforcing interdependent set of skills.

Radically Simple Yoga is not another brand or form of yoga: these inner props are not set in stone and there are no seven laws of inner practice. These props are offered simply to give direction and structure for our exploration towards wholeness and, just like the props for yoga posture in class, we may need to modify, drop them or find others. When it comes to yoga as life there is only one rule: our full undivided participation is required - we are here to experience and to engage fully in that experience. 

To practice yoga in a way that is radical and simple is to embark on reclaiming our agency and to engage in a subtle yet deep act of political disruption. Sooner or later our practice brings us to those two questions at the heart of the shifting of our times: who am I, and how am I going to spend my time here? When we engage with these two questions our practice teaches us that they have, at their root, one answer: an answer that cannot be grasped by mind and an answer that we each embody in our own sweet way.